Nature walks

and me.... and my kids


Autumn is even more beautiful with little ones to breathe life into the canvas of nature. This year I've really enjoyed seeing fall again through the eyes of my kids - my preschooler (of four) and my toddler. And now that I know how much these little adventures relax me, I can hardly wait for the leaves to fall so we can go again.

Nature allows me to escape, if only briefly, the constant stimulus of our modern day culture.

Having my childhood ruined is one of life's many cruel jokes. Many people lose someone close to them when they're young. I saw it first hand, as I was too young to understand what was going on.

Maybe I’m not completely helpless after all.

I sometimes need space away from people so I can be my most creative and productive. For example, sometimes if I work in a public place I can get interrupted a lot, which can be distracting. So sometimes, I like to work at a local cafe. This allows me to escape the house to work, but also allows some people watching which is not distracting.

Nature is medicine. Not everyone has a chance to be able to retreat onto an acreage every four weeks or live on a farm, but we can all find little chunks of it wherever we are. For example, this summer the accidental beach party is a perfect example of this, as people in flocked there to decompress in a bit of nature hidden in the city. River valley trails and other green spaces also let you experience nature, too!

My advice is to make the most of it you can.

- Make sure you always keep your phone in your car or at least in your back pocket.

- Remember to stop and breathe every once in a while.

- Discover and collect some treasures along the way like a cool leaf you can use as a bookmark, a walking stick, or a sweet rock.

- Remember that nature walks are your time to decompress and settle into that zen zone. Setting the intention before you set out on your journey will help you find your groove faster and get the most of what you want out of each walk.

- If you ever have the opportunity to bring children along on your next nature photography trip, do so! Just watching a child discover nature will remind you of your younger days and appreciate the peace that nature can bring.

Get a head start by taking advantage of the next few days while planning your story. Maybe there's that journal you kept as a kid, the diary you keep your best friend in, or your scrapbook from that one important time in your life. Turn the camera on yourself, tell others your hobbies, struggles, successes, and dreams and inspire others to do the same!

Trails may diverge in the woods, but on this site every path leads to the same goal.